SIO to sponsor Assam police violence martyr Moinul Haque children’s education

Students Islamic Organisation President Salman Ahmad visited the family of martyred Moinul Haque, and announced that his organisation will sponsor the orphaned children’s education.

Taking it to Twitter, SIO of India tweeted, “President Salman Ahmad (@writesalman) visited the family of Shaheed #MoinulHaque, who was killed by Assam Police, and offered them condolence. He also announced that SIO will inshAllah sponsor entire education of all three of his children.”

Salman Ahmed visited 33-year-old Haque’s family, who was killed by the Assam Police on September 23, and offered them condolences. He announced that SIO will sponsor the entire education of all his three children.

In a video posted on Twitter, Ahmed said, “We have come from Student Islamic Organisation to the martyred Moinul Haque’s home in Assam. We met his 3 children, wife, including his father. We can neither see their pain, nor fulfill their loss. But as a small endeavour from SIO, we have decided to sponsor the education of all his children who want to study and progress- eldest Muqasid Ali studies in 7th std, Mazoora Begum in 3rd std and the youngest Muqadis Ali, studying in Anganwadi.”

“We will support their education to any extent, let it be engineering, doctor or Civil services, even in India or abroad. Therefore, whatever their education would be, we think this as our (SIO) good luck. We requested our martyr brother’s family and they’ve accepted our request. We’ll InshaAllah try our(SIO) best to sponsor their education and pray that Allah giv swes these children a good life and success and punish their wrongdoers,” the SIO president said.