Haryana Sports Minister Resigned over sexual harassment case

Haryana Sports Minister Sandèep Singh resigned Today after a sexual harassment case registered against him by the Athletics Team Woman Coach.

The female coach stated, “I have been guaranteed of an impartial investigation,” after filing the complaint. I also brought up the subject of my safety. On my social media sites, I’ve been getting threatening messages. I’ve stopped returning phone calls out of dread. Between February and November, the minister bothered me in his office and elsewhere. He even once requested that I see him in Sector 7. He spoke with me primarily on social media. At his Chandigarh home, he made unwanted physical contact with me. I’ve told the Chandigarh police what happened in order.

Speaking to media Sandeep Singh said that the allegations are baseless. Sandeep Singh, an Former Olympian and Hockey Team Captain submitted his resignation to Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar.


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