Brother-sister duo topped the country’s hardest CA exam

The results of the CA Final Examination (ICAI CA Result 2021) have been released on Monday. Of the 83,606 candidates registered for the exam, Madhya Pradesh’s Nandini Agarwal is the first woman to score 614 out of 800, while her 21-year-old brother, Sachin Agarwal, finished 18th. The sister and brother duo is inspiration for the whole country.

Both Nandini and Sachin passed the second PU in 2017. Sachin’s sister is 2 years younger, who wrote a dual PU test with her brother. Nandini Agarwal joined her brother’s class as a child and did not read 2 classes. And then both the younger sister and her brother passed the CA examination.

“I and myself were reading together for both the IPCC and CA exams. He was checking my answers if there were any question papers left,” Nandini Agarwal, an article ship at PwC, recalls her days of reading, saying that if I ever lost hope, my older brother would be very reassuring.

“Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we got more time to devote it to reading. We’ve done a lot of studying in the lockdown,” Sachin Agarwal smiled as he hoped that his sister Nandini got a good score. He is currently doing article shipping at One Poiny Advisors based in Gurugram.

Naresh Chandra, father of this prospective elder brother, works as a tax practitioner. Mother Dimple Gupta is a housewife. Both Nandini and Sachin will not forget that we have seen this success with the encouragement and hope of their mother. “Girls are less likely to mind writing competitive exams. Failure to take such exams a couple of times is unlikely to be required to write the test again at home,” Nandini Agarwal says parents have to wait for a girl’s dream to come true.

Isn’t it good that both the brother-sister duo Nandini Agarwal and 18th-ranked Sachin Agarwal, topped the country in the toughest CA exams.


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