Sir Mirza Ismail’s contribution to Bengaluru

by Rabia Shireen

Sir Mirza Muhammad Ismail – Amin-ul-Mulq was the Diwan (Prime Minister) of the Kingdoms of Mysore, Jaipur, and Hyderabad.

Sir CV Raman, the Nobel-prize-winning physicist, spoke about how Ismail’s charm and accessibility set him apart from the rest.

Sir Chetput Iyer, Diwan of Travancore, referred to him as “one of India’s cleverest men.”

Mirza Ismail made Bengaluru a beautiful city, with the Lalbagh and the streets lit by chandelier lamp posts.

It was during the Diwanship of Mirza Ismail from 1926 to 1941 that Bangalore saw a lot of developmental activities.

Bengaluru’s iconic Town Hall, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, the Glass Factory, and the Porcelain Factory were established during his tenure.

He set up several industries, took a keen interest in town planning and the city’s beautification, and took charge of Wilson Garden, Kalasipalyam, and Gandhi Colony.

The memorable contribution of Mirza to Bangaloreans is the supply of drinking water from Thippagondanahalli from March 1933 onwards.

He implemented the first rural electrification program in India.

He also laid the foundation stone of the Jamia Masjid mosque near City Market in Bengaluru.

Whenever Mirza was in Bangalore, he used to go for rounds early in the morning on a horse and inspect every nook and corner of the city.

If any inconsistency were found, he asked the officials who used to accompany him to rectify them.

‘Sampige’ Road in Bengaluru stands for the flowering tree Magnolia Champaca or champak tree.
This road was once full of these sweetly scented flowers, and hence the name.
All thanks to the then Diwan of Mysore – Sir Mirza Ismail.

Sir Mirza passed away on January 5, 1959, in Bengaluru city; that he loved from the core of his heart and made it beautiful.
His soul rests in the cemetery of his community on Hosur Road.

Sir Mirza Ismail was a sincere and visionary Dewan.
He had very high values, prioritized peace, progress, economic wealth, and welfare for the people and the state.

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