Karnataka: Kali Mutt Swami Calls for Demolition of Srirangapatna Mosque Same Way As Babri Masjid, Arrested

Chikkamagalur police have arrested Rishi Kumar Swami of Kali Mutt for damaging communal harmony in the wake of the controversial video released by Kali Swami to demolish Srirangapatna Masjid in the same manner as Babri Masjid.

On Monday, Rishi Kumar stood in front of a mosque in Srirangapatna and made a video, calling out to the Hindus. He has uploaded the video to the social networking site, claiming, “This mosque in Srirangapatna was once a temple and the architecture is also similar to temple. This must be demolished in the same manner as Babri Masjid was demolished. So, Hindu people please wake up, this needs to be done very importantly.”

Following the controversial statements, he was taken into custody at Chikkamagaluru and has been taken to Srirangapatna police station.

Rishi kumar was checked at the Srirangapatna Government Hospital before being brought to the police station.

Speaking to the media during his health checkup, Kali Mutt Swami said, “I am still committed to my statement. In Ayodhya, we build a Hanuman Mandir and in Srirangapatnam we’ll build a Ram temple,” according to TV9Kannada.

Currently, Srirangapatna police are conducting an inquiry to bring Rishi kumar to the station.

As per reports, his lawyer Balaraj has filed bail in the Srirangapatna court seeking the release of Swami who is in custody for making a controversial statement.

Balaraj defended Kali Swami’s statement, saying that by demolishing the mosque, he meant legally breaking it up. “His idea is that the mosque will be demolished by a legal fight.”

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