Malali mosque should be left to Hindus: RSS leader KP Bhat

Mangalore: RSS leader Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat spoke to reporters in Bantwal while praising the right-wing organization Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has stated that signs of Hindu temple were found at the Malali mosque, the site should be left to the Hindus, Muslims should give up the place after a compromise is reached between the two parties. He stated “There is difference between Temple, Mosque and Church, both the latter are prayer places and can be raised anywhere. But a temple has a history and it has to be constructed at the exact place.”
Weeks after centuries-old Jumma Mosque in Malali near Mangaluru, was demolished for renovation, an alleged “temple like structure” was found, RSS Leader KP Bhat, amid the ongoing Gyanvapi mosque controversy remarked “There are many such places, Muslims must be ready to give up all such centers to Hindus”.
A local court has started hearing a petition of the Malali mosque where the petitioners have requested a survey of the site assisted by the Department of Archaeology.
Meanwhile an organisation named Hindu Jagruti has released a list of 1862 places of worship across India which they claim to be temples and has demanded that all these places be handed back to Hindus.

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