Meet Iqra Warsi 3 Gold Medal Winner

Iqra Rizwan Warsi won 3 Gold Medals at Lucknow University.

Rizwan, the father of Iqra Rizwan Warsi, who won three medals at the convocation ceremony of Lucknow University, used to do spray painting earlier. When he lost his job during Kovid, he started selling masks by roaming near hospitals. The expenses of the house go on with these earnings.

Iqra has been awarded Dr. Radha Kumud Mukherjee Gold Medal, Pandit Devi Sahay Mishra Gold Medal and Smt. Shyam Kumari Hukku Memorial Gold Medal. Iqra has secured 84.05 percent marks in BA. According to Iqra, mother Tarannum Warsi is a homemaker who always boosted morale. Iqra has also been awarded the Best Student Award Bronze Medal in the year 2021.

Iqra said that “The financial condition of the house is not good. The situation was even more difficult during the Covid period. Mother used to stitch masks. Father used to sell them outside hospitals. Even now the situation has not changed much.” We are four siblings, in which I am the eldest. Three siblings are younger than me. I am pursuing masters, my parents have supported me a lot. Parents struggled in every way and studied and todayI i am gold medalist.

Iqra’s father said that, “I sell masks and sometimes other items by hawking to make arrangements for the livelihood of the children. Now the son has also started doing a private job, which earns him Rs 4,000 a month.” Somehow, two-time livelihood and children’s education fees are arranged.”

Translated from Hindi Webportal

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