Bangladesh to deploy Military for stricter implementation of week-long lockdown

Dhaka: Following the sharp rise in the Covid-19 cases in Bangladesh, the government has decided to deploy military to ensure the strict implementation of the lockdown being announced to curb the cases.

The government announced a week long lockdown in the country where it has decided to use the services of Army along with the police to make sure that the people do not come outside their homes unless it is very urgent.

The government has deployed army to patrol the civilian areas to successful week long implementation of the lockdown.

During the lockdown, all government offices, private institutions and transport system will remain closed while emergency medical facilities and hospitals will function.

The order said that if the people are found to be venturing outside their homes without giving any emergency reason, the police will impose fine and if needed, they will be sent to jail.

Amid this, Bangladesh has ordered the closure of Indian Visa Centres indefinitely due to lockdown announced in the country.

The release said that Indian visa application centers in Bangladesh will not function July 1 until further order. However, emergency travel applications would be accepted, the statement said.

For emergency travel, especially medical travel, people could contact on 096123337, 096143337, the statement added.

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