Health department circular not to deny funerals to those who died due to Covid

The number of active cases of Covid is increasing day by day in the state and so far 26 people have succumbed to the infection. The cremation of those who died of Covid should be done in a common crematorium, graveyard, and Rudrabhoomi.

The health department has issued a circular that the crematorium staff should not refuse to cremate the dead body but should take necessary precautions and perform the cremation.

The health department has issued a circular in this regard and has suggested that “in the districts of the state and under the jurisdiction of the Big Bengaluru Mahanagara Palika (BBMP), the cremation of those who died due to COVID-19 should be conducted in common crematoriums, graveyards, and rudrabhumi”.

“For cremation of those who died due to covid infection, dead bodies brought for cremation in crematoriums, cemeteries and rudrabhumis within the jurisdiction of BBMP and districts should not be rejected by the staff of the crematorium, they should take necessary precautionary measures and after performing the cremation wearing N-95 mask, gloves, and PPE kit, they should be disposed of as per the guidelines.” said

In this regard, the circular said that the concerned authorities and district administrations under the jurisdiction of BBMP should take necessary action.

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