Mob lynching in Mathura: clashes between suspected smugglers, one dead, four injured

A mob lynching case has been reported in Uttar Pradesh’s Mathura district. In the district’s Ajnaukh village, the residents surrounded the cow slaughterers who were allegedly smuggling cows. When the cow suspected smugglers opened fire, the villagers also fired back in response. After this, the villagers surrounded the suspected smugglers from all sides and started beating everyone. One of them died in the struggle, while the other three are critical. The police have seized six cows from the suspected smugglers’ possession. It is said that the suspected smugglers had stolen the cows from Hathras and then loaded it in their car and were heading to Mewat.

The suspected smugglers were Shera, Kadim, Shahzad, Anish, Rehman, residents of Gonda town in Aligarh district, they stole the cows from Hathras and were transporting it to Mewat through the Thana Kosikalan area. At late night, around 3 o’clock in the village of Ajnauk, Sant Chandrashekhar Baba, who runs the cowshed, and the villagers learned that some suspected smugglers were stealing the cows.

After receiving the information, Baba followed the suspected smugglers while the villagers surrounded them near Tumaula village. Finding themselves surrounded by the villagers from all sides, the suspected smugglers started firing and in return, some folks also opened fire from the group. The fight went on for almost half an hour and at last, the thieves were captured by the crowd. Besieging them, the villagers beat up all the suspected smugglers. In this fight, a suspected smuggler named Shera died, while the three others were also severely injured.

When the information about the encounter between the villagers and the suspected smugglers was received, SP Dehat Shrish Chand along with the police force, reached the spot immediately. SP Chand said that some people have been assaulted in Tumaula village. Evidence is being gathered in this case, and strict action will be taken against whoever is guilty. However, it is not yet confirmed that who informed the saint Chandrashekhar about the theft of cows.

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