Madrasa Students Excel in Class 12 Board Exam

Hafiz Kamran Akmal, previously unexposed to contemporary education, has etched his name in history by achieving outstanding academic results in his 12th grade exams, following just four years of training at the Academic Intensive Care Unit (AICU) of Shaheen Institutions.

The Shaheen Group of Institutions in Bidar, Karnataka, has been spearheading a commendable initiative for the past 13 years, aimed at bridging the gap between traditional religious education and modern academia. This year’s Karnataka PUC Year II (12th) results have once again underscored the success of this program, with an impressive overall pass rate of 96%.

Notably, 26 Huffaz students have secured distinctions, while 54 attained first-class honors, and 4 secured second-class ranks. Among the distinguished achievers, Hafiz Muhammad Sufyan Jamshed emerged with a remarkable 93.17%, closely followed by Hafiza Bushra Maryam with 92%, and several others achieving outstanding results.

Dr. Abdul Qadeer, Chairman of Shaheen Institutions, expressed gratitude for the sustained success of the program, urging the wider Muslim community to embrace and support initiatives aimed at integrating Huffaz and Madrasa students into mainstream education. Dr. Qadir highlighted the Hifzul-Qur’an Plus program, a four-year curriculum designed to revolutionize the educational journey of Huffaz children, leading to remarkable achievements across various professional fields.

The Academic Intensive Care Unit (AICU) has been pivotal in this transformation, employing a tailored approach with a teacher-student ratio of 1:6, focusing on essential subjects such as Mathematics and Linguistics. Through this initiative, academically weak and marginalized students are provided with the necessary support to excel in their studies, culminating in successful completion of the 10th-grade examination through the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS).

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