NEET Results Declared: 400 plus students of Shaheen College Bidar are expected to secure Govt Medical Seats

The much anticipated NEET results were announced today. Shweta Rathod, a student of Shaheen College Bidar, secured an All India Category Rank of 16, with total 681 Marks, AIR- 808.

Another student, from the same institution,  Fatimah Shaikh secured an all-India rank of 847 with a total of 681 marks.

Other toppers from Shaheen College include Channabaswa G ( AIR 1961, NEET Marks 666), Waqqas Ahmed (AIR 4470, NEET MARKS 647), Nishat Fatima ( AIR 1048, NEET MARKS 677), MD Neymatullah (AIR 1196, NEET MARKS 675), Bushra Aiman (AIR 1444 NEET MARKS 672), Furqan Abid ( AIR 2052, NEET MARKS 665), Fatima Kauser (AIR 6169, NEET MARKS 639), Sujay Sanjay Patil ( AIR 2459, NEET MARKS 661), and Saniya Fatima Tanveer (AIR 4990 NEET MARKS 645).

The expected number of government seats for the institution to be 400 plus.
As the institute awaited the results eagerly, it held a show live on YouTube where representatives of the institution interacted with the faculty,teachers, students and parents.

In the video released on the official YouTube channel of Shaheen Group of Institutes, the students and parents praised the institution and were thankful to the teachers and faculty whose immense help, encouragement and support brings out the best in students and makes them keen learners. The students praised the methods of study within the institution which included group study.

The institute was also praised by parents for their unconditional support to students during the covid pandemic.

Parents also mentioned that the safety standards of the institution were very high.
It should be noted that the reputed College has been known to have produced rank holders in the previous years as well.

The founder and chairman of Shaheen Institute Dr. Abdul Qadeer said that it has been observed that becoming a doctor on the strength of money does not lead to success and many times such individuals have ended up unhappy. Hardwork and perseverance are the keys to becoming a doctor said the founder.

He congratulated all the students who are aspiring to study medicine and hoped that they would serve humanity.

Dr.Abdul Qadeer said that an institution inclusive of students of all faith is recognized for its universal brotherhood. He said that the institution is for all students regardless of religion or financial background.

Shaheen College, a recipient of a Kannada Rajyotsava Award from the Karnataka State government, offers quality education to students script history each year by creating rank holders.

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