Digiyatra Scandal Exposes Massive Data Breach

Rajya Sabha Member Saket Gokhale has exposed a grave breach of privacy concerning the Digiyatra app, affecting over 3.3 million Indian users. The Digiyatra app, touted as a tool for seamless travel, has now become embroiled in controversy as it has been revealed that personal data of users has fallen into the hands of a private company currently under investigation by the Enforcement Directorate (ED).

The scandalous details uncovered include:

  • Abrupt cessation of the Digiyatra app last month, with users directed to download an entirely new application instead of a simple update.
  • The startling discovery that Digiyatra had been operated by a private entity, Dataevolve, since 2021.
  • The CEO of Dataevolve was booked by the ED in a money laundering case, raising concerns about the handling of sensitive user data.
  • Digiyatra was not utilizing the infrastructure of Digiyatra Foundation as expected but was instead managed by Dataevolve, violating established data security protocols.
  • Consequently, a new app was launched to disassociate Dataevolve from Digiyatra, exacerbating concerns over data ownership and protection.

Of utmost concern is the fact that the personal data of millions of Indian users now resides with Dataevolve, a company under scrutiny for alleged financial impropriety.

Moreover, questions loom over the involvement of the Modi government, which reportedly mandated Digiyatra enrollment for travelers at airports. Despite assurances from Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia that enrollment would be voluntary, reports indicate coercion by private volunteers.

In response to these damning revelations, Saket Gokhale has called upon Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia to provide urgent clarification on key issues:

  • The extent of user data shared with Dataevolve.
  • The rationale behind outsourcing Digiyatra to a private entity.
  • The sudden scrapping of the old Digiyatra app and the necessity for a new download.

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