Food Quality Department Raids Rameshwaram Cafe Over Expired Food Items

The Food Quality Department raided the Medapur branch of the Bangalore-based Rameshwaram Cafe in Hyderabad and discovered expired food items without company marks.

During the raid, officials found 100 kg of expired long pulses, 10 kg of curd, and 8 liters of milk. Additionally, 450 kg of unlabeled raw rice, 20 kg of alasande, and 300 kg of jaggery were seized.

The cafe failed to provide a medical clearance certificate for food handling, and the dustbin was not properly closed.

The Food Quality Department conducted raids on hotels across Hyderabad, revealing that cleanliness standards were not maintained in most of the well-known establishments. Notices have been issued to the owners of these hotels.

The Bengaluru-based Rameshwaram Cafe opened its branch in Hyderabad’s Medapur area in January this year.

In a related incident, on March 1, 10 people were injured in a bomb blast at the Rameshwaram Cafe’s Kundalahalli branch in Bangalore. The NIA has arrested those responsible for the incident.

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