Israel-Hamas War: Stench of corpses in hospital; Mass cremation of the deceased

Gaza Strip: The director of the hospital, Mohammad Abu Salmiya, said that hundreds of dead bodies had to be cremated as a result of an attack by Israeli forces on Al-Shifa Hospital, where there were hundreds of patients.

The Israeli army has camped near the gate of Al-Shifa hospital. The Israeli forces are saying that we are standing in the underground hideouts of terrorists. But Hamas denied it. Hundreds of patients are struggling in hospitals in terrible conditions.

Dead bodies are scattered in the hospital complex. There is no electricity in the mortuary. Hundreds of people including 7 children and 29 people who were receiving treatment in the ICU died without fuel for the hospital’s generator. 179 dead bodies have been buried so far.

The smell of rotting corpses spread throughout the hospital. An eyewitness said that nighttime attacks are less compared to previous ones.

We are not targeting the hospital. But Israel said that they are responding to the attack by Hamas.

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