Personal Data Protection Bill withdrawn from Lok Sabha

The Personal Data Protection Bill was withdrawn by the government from the Lok Sabha on Wednesday. On December 16, 2021, the Lok Sabha received the report of the Joint Committee on Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019, which was chaired by the BJP member P P Chaudhary.

The government withdrew the Personal Data Protection Bill from Parliament in order to develop a “complete legal framework” to control the online world. This legal framework would include distinct rules on data privacy, the Internet ecosystem as a whole, cybersecurity, telecom legislation, and the use of non-personal data to foster creativity in the nation.

After working on the Bill for over four years, the administration has finally made this move. It had undergone several revisions, including a review by a Joint Committee of Parliament (JCP), and was the target of fierce opposition from a number of parties, including large internet corporations like Facebook and Google, privacy advocates, and members of civil society.

The tech giants had also raised concerns about a planned provision in the Bill termed “data localization,” which would have required them to keep a copy of some sensitive personal data in India and prevented the transfer of undefined “critical” personal data. The campaigners had specifically criticised a clause that gave the federal government and its agencies broad exclusions from the Bill’s requirements.

Source: Indian Express


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