90 percent of people who died could have been saved -Rahul Gandhi

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi released a “white paper” on Tuesday, regarding the Central government’s management of the COVID-19 pandemic. He said that 90 percent of people who died due to the virus could have been saved and asserted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tears could not save people’s lives, but oxygen could have.

Pointing at the Modi led government, the Wayanad MP said, “90 percent of people who have died could have been saved. The biggest reason for this was the lack of oxygen at the time. PM’s tears did not save the lives of people but oxygen could have.” The oxygen demand increased significantly after a surge in the Covid-19 cases during the second wave.

In a digital press conference, the former Congress President said that the aim of this white paper on Covid-19 is not to point the finger at the Centre but to help the nation prepare for the third wave.

Critizing the Centre, he said it is clear that the management of the first and second waves of Covid-19 was “disastrous” and the white paper points out the reasons behind it.

Taking a dig at the Modi government for ignoring the advice and not doing enough to deal with the pandemic, Rahul Gandhi said the Centre’s “ignorance and mismanagement” have cost the nation dearly.

“It is clear that management of the first and second wave of COVID was disastrous, and we have tried to point out the reasons behind it. I would even go so far as to say that there might be waves even after the third wave of COVID-19 as the virus is mutating,” he added.

The Wayanad MP suggested that the Centre must support small businesses and poor people by ensuring direct funds to them.

However, he appreciated the Centre for administering record number of vaccinations on Monday. “Yes, good work happened yesterday but this is not a series of events. But the government has to make this process work not just for one day but every day until we’ve vaccinated our whole population.”

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