Chhattisgarh man seeks police help to save wife, who is held captive by employer in Oman

A man, hailing from Chhattisgarh has sought the help of police for rescuing his wife, who is allegedly being held captive by an employer living in Oman. The suspected man has also shared a video of the woman and has claimed a total sum of Rs 3 lakh for releasing her.

A complaint has been received from Jogi Mukesh, who stated that he was not successful in contacting his wife, who went to Oman for some work, Abhishek Jha, Durg Additional Superintendent of Police (city) stated on Monday. When it was asked about the next step of action, he told that he would be approaching the police for their help.

Mukesh is a resident of Durg district. He told PTI that his wife Dipika went to Oman during last year in the month of March to work as a cook. He had also made a request to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“She came in contact with one agent Abdullah from Hyderabad through a person from Khursipar in Bhilai (Durg). The agent facilitated her journey from Kerala to Oman. We (the couple) were initially informed that my wife would work as a cook at a house there, but she was forced to do the household chores. It continued for 6-7 months. I had told her to adjust”, he said.

Recently, it was known that Dipika was assaulted by her employer. “Subsequently, I spoke to her employer, a woman, on the phone and asked her to send my wife back but she demanded ₹2-3 lakh for her release,” Mukesh claimed.

“I have complained to the police. I also appeal to the prime minister sir to ensure my wife’s return to India”, he added.

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