Senior BJP MLA Alleges Assault and Escapes to a Madrasa to Save His Life

Raipur: Senior BJP MLA and former minister Brijmohan Aggarwal has alleged that he was attacked during his election campaign in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, yesterday evening. Aggarwal claimed that unidentified individuals assaulted him while he was canvassing in the Maulana Abdul Rauf’s ward. He recounted how his life was saved by seeking refuge in a nearby madrasa during the unsettling ordeal.

Following the distressing incident, a surge of hundreds of BJP supporters gathered at the CT Kotwali of Raipur to stage a protest. Brijmohan Agarwal, sitting in solidarity with the agitating BJP workers, expressed his outrage, asserting that the attack was an attempt on his life. “I had gone to Maulana Abdul Rauf’s ward for election campaign. At the same time, some people attacked me. The attackers were saying that How did I dare to enter this locality. My PSO somehow saved me, and I entered the Madrasa, and my life was saved,” he stated firmly.

Aggarwal further disclosed that he regularly visits the madrasa during his campaign and has conversations with the Maulvi there. He underlined the severity of the situation, emphasizing that had it been any common individual, they might not have been as fortunate. “This attack was carried out to kill me. Had it been any common man, he would have been killed today,” he asserted passionately.

Moreover, Aggarwal accused the Congress government of fostering an environment of hooliganism and stressed that the protest would persist until the perpetrators behind the assault were apprehended.

In response to these allegations, state Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has deemed the attack as sponsored, hinting at a potential political motive behind the incident.

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