ED Launches Probe into Allegations of Congress MLA’s Involvement in BJP Ticket Rejection Case

BJP had proposed to issue tickets in the Lok Sabha elections. Jharkhand Congress MLA Amba Prasad has alleged that the Enforcement Directorate (ED) attacked her for rejecting it.

“They (ED) came early in the morning and tortured the whole day. They made me stand in one place for hours. I was told that I would be given a Hazaribagh Lok Sabha ticket by BJP. I ignored it. Later, pressure was put on me.”

“Many in the RSS had pressured me to contest from the BJP. I ignored that too. They see me as a strong candidate in Hazaribagh. Because we constantly win Barkagaon seats. We belong to Congress, not BJP. So we are easily targeted for attack,” he said.

Early on Tuesday morning, the ED raided the premises of the Congress MLA in cases related to the land and transfer-posting scams. The MLA’s house in Ranchi and his house in Hazaribagh were raided. According to agency sources, the attack which started in the morning continued till late night.

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