87676 names in Bidar have been deleted from the Voters List in which majority are Muslims

Karnataka Election commission recently released the draft voters list and there has been a decline of Muslims in it. In a press release issued by Mr. Abdul Manan Saith, State Vice President, Minority department, Karnataka Pradesh Committee, said, “Democratic political and economic revolutions have been brought about by the power of votes..Special attention is needed. This time, if we are negligent, then in the upcoming elections, it is possible that we will have to pay a heavy price for it”

He further noted that the draft voters list shows that 27,08,947 names have been deleted, the majority of them are Muslims and 11,13,063 new names have been registered in the state’s voter list, in which very few are Muslims.

it became clear that in Bidar district alone 87676 names have been deleted in which majority are Muslims. The new names registered are about 32964 having 15272 males and 17689 females of which very few are Muslims.

Mr. Saith also said that, “In addition to our laziness, there is a systematic attempt to eliminate the political status of Muslims and reduce their representation to nothing”

He appealed to the people to register by taking advantage of this opportunity. He also informed about an app that the Karnataka Election Commission has released, so that people can register from home.

The vote, according to Abdul Manan Seth, is our actual power. If the populace disregards it, the communal forces will prevail in their objectives and undermine our political, economic, and religious identities.

The Ulemas, Mashaykheen Ezam, Mosque Imams, and Khatibs are asked to lead a sermon campaign for public awareness at the five daily prayers and Friday prayers.


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