Making a polling record: PM Modi makes an appeal to people of Rajasthan

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi urged the voters of Rajasthan to score a turnout record during the assembly elections which will be conducted today, Saturday in Rajasthan. Modi took to X handle (formerly known as Twitter) and requested all the registered voters of the state to poll in a maximum number and also wished the first-time young voters. The Prime Minister wrote on X (formerly known as twitter), “Voting will be held today for Rajasthan Assembly elections. I request all the voters to create a new record of voting by exercising their franchise in maximum numbers. On this occasion, my best wishes to all the young friends of the state who are going to vote for the first time”

The polling for the 200-member Rajasthan Assembly is taking place today, with the BJP looking to end the rule of Congress in the western state amidst the ongoing efforts by the current ruling party in Rajasthan. The voting procedure started in the 199 out of the 200 assembly seats in the state of Rajasthan on Saturday. It was days after continuous episodes of hectic campaigning by some of the major political parties, including the ruling party of Congress and the opposition party of BJP.

The elections in the Karanpur constituency were adjourned due to the passing of Congress candidate Gurmeet Singh Koonar. At 7 am sharp, the polling had begun and the voters can cast their ballots until 6 pm.The counting of votes for the Rajasthan Assembly polls, along with the counting for the four other state assembly elections, is scheduled for December 3.

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