Student leader, Afreen Fatima’s father untraceable

Prayagraj: Student leader, Afreen Fatima’s father, Mr. Javed Muhammad whose house was razed to the ground by the Uttar Pradesh government citing illegal structure, was detained and had been sent to the Naini Central Jail in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. Now the jail authorities denied the presence of his father in the Naini Central Jail. Mr. Javed was accused of being the ‘mastermind’ of the protests against the remarks on Prophet Muhammad in Prayagraj, UP.

Afreen Fatima released her mother, Mrs. Parveen Fatima’s statement on twitter which said that her husband was “illegally arrested” on June 11 and sent to the Naini Central Jail after being implicated by the Police with “cooked up allegations and false charges.”

The statement read, “As of today, Naini Central Jail authorities have denied his presence in the jail.”

The statement said that the family and lawyers have been trying to locate him but the officials of Allahabad district and Naini Central Jail have failed to assure us of her husband’s whereabouts.

She said that they were rumours that several inmates of the Naini jail, including her husband, have been transferred to several other jails across UP. She said her husband might have been sent to Deoria Jail but there is no official confirmation given to her family or her lawyers. The family is concerned about Mr. Javed’s safety and health.

The statment also said that the “Allahabad administration has been bypassing all procedures to incriminate and harass her family, this high-handedness of the district and jail officials is worrisome for them.”


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