Pat Cummins ‘Graceful Gesture’, Pauses Australia’s Champagne Celebrations to Get Muslim Team-mate Back on Stage

Australian cricket captain Pat Cummins has won hearts by showing a very graceful gesture towards his Muslim teammate Usman Khawaja.

As Australia began to celebrate Ashes win over England, champagne was being sprayed freely, resulting in Usman Khawaja scampering away from the stage and his teammates.

Khawaja, who is a Muslim, stays away even from touching alcohol as it’s forbidden in Islam. Thus, he tried to stay away from the Aussie’s celebration.

When Cummins noticed it, he soon gestured his teammates to stop spraying Champagne so that Khawaja can join the team’s glorious victory celebrations. Immediately, he called and gestured his Muslim team-mate to rejoin the celebrations alongside Steve Smith at the front.

The Australian captain’s heart warming gesture was widely praised on social media, with a sign of progress in the game rocked by scandals last year.

A Twitter user Fux league tweeted, “This might be a small gesture but this is what makes Pat Cummins great. He realised Khawaja had to dip because of the booze and rectifies it.”

“Pat Cummins realizing that Khawaja had to stand away because of the alcohol so he tells his team to put it away and calls Khawaja back immediately. A very small but a very beautiful gesture,” a Zohaib tweeted.

Cricket Commentator Aatif Nawaz said, “Pat Cummins realises Usman Khawaja had to step aside because of the alcohol spraying celebrations, asks his other teammates to put the drinks away and calls Khawaja back over to the centre of the victory photo to celebrate. This was nice.”

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