Indians Rank 3rd in Illegal Migration to the US Amid Economic Concerns #illegalmigrantsUSA

Rajya Sabha member Saket Gokhale has raised serious concerns about India’s rising contribution to illegal migration to the United States. Gokhale, known for his vocal criticisms, attributed this alarming trend to the economic policies under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration.

According to Gokhale, under the current government, there has been a significant surge in Indians attempting to illegally migrate to the US. He highlighted the perilous routes often taken by these migrants, traversing through South American countries in a desperate bid to enter the US by land.

Taking to social media platform X, Gokhale emphasized the severity of the situation, citing recent actions taken by Turkey. He noted that Turkey has imposed new regulations, now requiring transit visas for Indian citizens traveling to South America via Istanbul airport—a clear indication of the escalating crisis.

Key points highlighted by Gokhale’s statement include:

???? An estimated 7.25 lakh undocumented and illegal Indian migrants currently reside in the US.

???? Shockingly, over the past decade, the number of Indians engaging in illegal migration to the US has surged by a staggering 70.6%.

???? India’s unemployment woes and the desperate pursuit of employment opportunities have driven its citizens to seek refuge in various countries, often falling prey to organized crime and human traffickers.

???? Notably, over 5000 Indians find themselves trapped in Cambodia, held hostage by unknown entities. Additionally, there have been reports of Indians being deceived into participating in conflicts abroad, such as the Ukraine war after being lured to Russia.

Meanwhile, amid growing concerns and calls for action, Foreign Minister Dr. S Jaishankar has come under fire for purportedly focusing on election-centric rhetoric rather than addressing the pressing issue of illegal migration.

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