Pakistan | Amir Sarfaraz, Suspect in Sarabjit Singh’s Killing, Killed in Shooting

Pakistani underworld leader Amir Sarfaraz, accused of killing India’s Sarabjit Singh, was shot dead by two unknown assailants in Lahore.

Amir Sarparaj, who was wanted by the Pakistani police in many cases, fatally assaulted Sarabjit Singh, who was serving a sentence in a Pakistani jail, on April 23, 2013, by Amir and his accomplices in a Lahore jail.

Sarabjit, who was severely injured, died on May 2, 2013. Before his death, Sarabjit had served 23 years of imprisonment in Pakistani jails.

Due to a lack of evidence, Amir Sarparaj was acquitted by a Pakistani court in 2018.

Sarabjit Singh, a resident of Punjab, India, was arrested in 1990 on charges of espionage and killing 14 civilians in Pakistan’s Punjab province. In 1991, Sarabjit was sentenced to death under Pakistan’s Army Act.

His family and the Indian government denied that Sarabjit was hanged. Sarabjit had entered the Pakistan border unknowingly while doing farming, the family members had dismissed the allegation of espionage.

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