Turkey is in a Process to expel Ambassadors of 10 Countries including U.S.

Turkey is in a process to expel the Ambassadors of 10 Countries. Turkish President Erdogan said in a speech that he has ordered Foreign Affairs Minister to take action against the Ambassadors of 10 Countries and declare the Ambassadors as ‘persona non grata’ means ‘An Un-welcome person’.

Erdogan said Ambassadors of 10 countries should leave Turkey if they do not understand Turkey.

Move comes after the joint statement by Canada, Sweden, France, U.S., Germany, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Netherland and New Zealand on jailed activist Osman Kavala.

Osman Kavala was arrested in the year 2017. He was charged with alleged involvement in 2016 coup.

Erdogan said ‘Why these 10 Ambassadors made the statement in favour of Osman Kavala, Do they leave Terrorists and Murderers in their own Country?’.

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