US Government Committee suggested blacklisting India on the issue of religious freedom

Washington: The treatment of minorities in India under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has further worsened, and the American government committee has reiterated its demand that India be blacklisted on the issue of religious freedom.
America’s Committee on International Religious Freedom can make recommendations, but it does not have policy-making authority. Therefore, since the partnership between America and India is at the stage of further expansion, it is said that the possibility of the defence department accepting this recommendation is slim. Every year, the committee lists countries where there are concerns about religious freedom.Members of this committee are appointed by the US President, and leaders of the US Congress, including China, Iran, Myanmar, Pakistan, Russia, and Saudi Arabia, have supported all Defence Department appointments. The Department of Defence had recommended that India, Nigeria, and Vietnam also be included.
The committee’s annual report mentions the targeting of Muslims and Christians and the destruction of their property. It also considered the views expressed by Modi’s BJP members on social media.
“The enforcement of discriminatory laws continues, facilitating a culture of gang intimidation and violence”, the report explained. The fact that the committee has been making these recommendations for four consecutive years has angered India, which has complained that the committee has taken a biassed stance.

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