US must withdraw forces from Syria if it wants peace in Middle East: Syrian Ambassador

Moscow: Asserting that peace and tranquility can prevail in Syria only when US withdraws its military from the country and in the Gulf, declared Hasan Khaddour, the Syrian Ambassador.

In an interview to a private media house, he has said that the US must  stop supporting anti social elements and terror outfit who are creating problems in the country.

He felt that not only US, even the Turkey should withdraw its forces and not support any militant outfits.

“ It is very simple, if the US wants peace, then it has to vacate the country for the people of Syria. Turkey should also end its occupation”, he said.

He noted that the people of Syria wished to have peace and development it has not seen enough war. The country wants to leave the bad memories behind and rebuild its resources.

He asserted that the US must reframe its policy for middle east and make sure that sanctions imposed are withdrawn.

Amid this, Moscow believes that the US and Turkey with leave the country when the situation turns to normal in Syria.

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