WhatsApp blocked accounts of several Palestinian journalists

World’s most widely used messaging app WhatsApp has blocked accounts of Palestinian journalist’s, fighting between Israel and Gaza. According to foreign media reports, Palestinian journalists from Jerusalem and Gaza say their WhatsApp accounts have been blocked. According to media reports, shortly after the 11-days of Israeli aggression and ceasefire, two Palestinian journalists in AFP’s Gaza City Bureau received messages from WhatsApp that their WhatsApp accounts had been blocked.

According to Al Jazeera, the Facebook owner’s accounts were restored after journalists filed complaints against the closure of WhatsApp accounts. On the other hand, the Center for the Development of Social Media, an Arab media organization, said that blocking the WhatsApp account was not a rare occurrence. Between May 6 and 19, there were more than 500 violations of Palestinian digital rights, according to a new report.

These violations include blocking Palestinian accounts, deleting or hiding content and hashtags on the Internet, deleting old content, and reducing or suspending Internet activity.

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