Karnataka farmers daughter Sara bags 16 gold medal in horticulture

Umme Sara, daughter of farmers in Gullampete of Chikkamagalur district has secured sixteen gold medals in BSc in horticultural science at the 11th convocation of University of Horticultural Sciences in Bagalkot.

Sara’s parents Asmat Ali and Raheema Banu are farmers of Gullampete in Chikkamagalur district.https://twitter.com/shaad_bajpe/status/1530164097173467136?s=24&t=Q8C7H-RvE0qcJjpRYlPGbw

She was the only one to achieve 16 gold medals among the 680 horticulture students, presided over by Karnataka governor Thawar Chand Gehlot.

A total of 34 students received 77 gold medals at the 11th convocation of the University of Horticultural Sciences on Wednesday.

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