Karnataka Minority Welfare Minister Advocates Inclusion of Science, Mathematics, and Languages in Madrasa Curriculum

Bengaluru – Minister for Housing and Minority Welfare, Zameer Ahmed Khan, has issued directives to incorporate science, mathematics, as well as regional languages like Kannada and English into the curriculum of madrasas. The announcement was made during a progress review meeting held at the Directorate of Minorities Welfare.

Minister Zameer Ahmed Khan emphasized the significance of promoting regional languages and a comprehensive educational experience in madrasas. He stated, “Kannada should be taught as a mandatory subject in madrasas. Furthermore, efforts must be taken to introduce other languages alongside English.” Addressing the officials present, he urged them to take immediate action on this initiative.

Currently, the state boasts a total of 1,265 registered madrasas under the purview of the Waqf Board. Out of these, the Minister has proposed that around five thousand students from 100 selected madrasas should commence practical learning of Kannada, English, science, and mathematics starting this academic year. He also suggested the preparation of a comprehensive proposal aimed at implementing this curriculum in all madrasas from the following year.

During the same event, Minister Zameer Ahmed Khan unveiled a handbook encompassing various subjects, including science and mathematics. This handbook has been meticulously designed to enhance the quality of education for students in classes 9, 10, and 12. The beneficiaries of this initiative include students from the Morarji Desai Residential School and College, as well as the Maulana Azad Model Schools, all operating under the aegis of the Directorate of Minority Welfare.

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