Actor Chetan Ahimsa in police custody: Wife Megha

Kannada Actor Chetan Ahimsa has allegedly been illegally arrested according to his wife Megha on Tuesday evening.

Megha went live on Chetan’s Facebook, claiming that he has been missing for some hours and she is not able to get in contact with him.

In 3 minutes, 28 seconds Facebook live video, she said, “I searched Chetan for an hour but didn’t find him at the house. Some people informed me that police took Chetan. Nobody told us, his phone is switched off, his bodyguards’ phone is also off. That’s why I’ve come to sheshadripuram police station to tell them my husband is kind of missing person. I don’t know where he is. Right now they’re saying that he’s not with them. Chetan is not here currently, but they’ve taken him somewhere else for inquiry purpose.

She said they got no notice, not even the family members were informed. “The police came and just took Chetan away with them. There is no sign of him. They’re hiding his whereabouts. This is kind of kidnapping. They’ve kidnapped him. Nobody has any clue where he is. Nobody is giving answer as to where he is.”

“Every person who is inquired or detained has the right to get legal assistance. The lawyer has to go along with him. Family members also should be informed,” Megha said adding that notice has to be served before taking up someone into custody.

This is unjust system.


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