AIMIM Chief Owaisi Criticizes BJP for Omitting ‘Minorities’ from Manifesto Mention

Accusing the BJP of harboring animosity towards minorities, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi pointed out that the saffron party has deliberately omitted the term “minorities” from its manifesto, instead using the term “marginalized.”

Owaisi affirmed that AIMIM’s alliance with Anupriya Patel’s Apna Dal (K) in Uttar Pradesh would persist through the Assembly polls, and the party would extend support to Prakash Ambedkar in Akola and Anand Ambedkar in Amaravati, Maharashtra.

“In the BJP’s advertisement on April 17 in various newspapers, they talk about providing loans or assistance to start a business from the government, but it only mentions ST and OBC,”

Owaisi told PTI videos on Wednesday. “The BJP is refusing even to mention the word ‘minorities,’ let alone Muslims. The term ‘minorities’ is enshrined in the Constitution of India, and the BJP harbors great animosity towards it.”

“They have omitted the term ‘minorities’ and instead stated that scholarships will be provided to marginalized communities,” he added.

Owaisi asserted that the dropout rate among Dalits and Muslims is the highest, alleging that the BJP deliberately contributed to increasing the dropout rate in the Muslim community.

He also highlighted the country’s high unemployment rate, attributing it to the lack of job opportunities and increased hostility towards minorities, which he believes poses a threat to the Constitution. Owaisi urged voters to consider these issues before casting their ballots for any party.

While acknowledging discussions between his party and AIADMK in Tamil Nadu previously,

Owaisi noted that they did not progress as AIADMK was part of the NDA at the time. However, he suggested that since the Palaniswami-led party withdrew from the NDA and expressed opposition to CAA and NRC, it could become the dominant force in the southern state during the Assembly polls and perform well in the Lok Sabha elections.

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