Free education in schools and colleges if Congress Government comes to power: Rahul Gandhi

Chattisgarh (Raipur): ‘If the Congress comes back to power in the state, free education will be provided in government schools and colleges and beedi leaf collectors will be given an annual subsidy of Rs.4,000’, party leader Rahul Gandhi has promised.

Addressing an election campaign rally in the Bhanupratapura assembly constituency of Kanker district, he challenged that Narendra Modi was concerned about the backward classes, but why is he so afraid of the caste census?

If the Congress comes to power, a nationwide caste census will be conducted. He promised that we would conduct this in Chattisgarh now.

“BJP-led central government is helping three industrialists and not common people. But the Congress party always wants the welfare of farmers, Dalits, laborers, and tribals. The promises made by the Congress in the previous elections of Chattisgarh have been fulfilled after coming to power. But BJP leaders have insulted the entire community by calling Adivasis Vanvasis. They have attacked their culture, history, and language”, Rahul Gandhi alleged.

Rahul Gandhi stopped his speech and gave water to a person who fell ill during his speech. He came back to the stage and continued his speech. In the end, he inquired about the health of the sick person.

20 constituencies including Bhanupratapura. The first phase of the election will be held on the 7th. For the rest of the fields. The second phase of voting will be held on the 17th.

The Congress has announced that it will provide assistance to beedi leaf collectors through the Rajiv Gandhi Patanhan Yojana in the Bhanu Pratappur constituency, which has a large number of tribal community members.

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