Indigo withdraws fuel charges on tickets after reduction in aviation fuel

The recent developments in IndiGo has come on Thursday where the airlines have announced that it has stopped collecting a fuel charge which is present on the airline tickets.

Earlier, it sued to charge the same from the passengers on domestic and international rules but now the authorities have decided to drop the cost after there was a reduction in the price of aviation fuel. Although these charges had arisen in the month of October earlier this year by the IndiGo airlines as there was a surge in aviation turbine fuel (ATF) prices. “With recent reduction in ATF prices, IndiGo is withdrawing the charge,” the airline spokesperson announced in a statement.

The aviation turbine fuel prices approximately makes up for about 40% of the operating cost of the airlines.
“As ATF prices are dynamic, we will continue to adjust our fares and components thereof, to respond to any change in prices or market conditions,” IndiGo said in a statement.

The fuel charges which were introduced in October, 2023 ranged between ₹300 and ₹1,000, depending upon the distance covered into the terminal destination.

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