Lok Sabha removed 24 words from Rahul’s speech; Congress expresses dissent

New Delhi: 24 words of Rahul Gandhi’s speech in the Lok Sabha against the Modi government on the Manipur riots issue have been removed from the parliamentary records. The word ‘murder’, which was used several times in Rahul’s speech, was mainly removed.

Other words that have been removed are the word ‘murder’ in the sentence that Mother India was killed, ‘traitor’ in the sentence that BJP leaders are traitors, and ‘prime minister’ in the sentence that the Prime Minister cannot go to Manipur. The Congress has come forward to criticize the removal of the words from Rahul’s speech.

Rahul criticized the government during the no-confidence motion against the Union Cabinet in the Lok Sabha. Rahul Gandhi said that BJP’s politics has split Manipur into two pieces and killed India itself there. “The Modi government is a fraud. They are not nationalists. Their politics killed Manipur. “Mother India was killed there,” said Rahul.

“The Prime Minister who does not listen to the voice of the people is arrogant. It was not Hanuman who set fire to Lanka. Lanka was burnt due to Ravana’s pride. Rama did not kill Ravana. Ravana’s death was due to his arrogance.”-Rahul continued.

One day is enough for the Indian Army to restore peace in Manipur. But the government does not use the services of the army. The Prime Minister does not even bother to go to Manipur. If ego, grudge and greed are put aside, India’s voice can be heard. BJP cannot do that. I am ready to go to Modi’s jails – added Rahul.

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