My mother’s mangalsutra is a sacrifice for the country: Priyanka Gandhi hits back at Modi

AICC General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Condemns Modi’s Statement, Highlights Significance of Her Mother’s Mangalsutra

Speaking at an election campaign event in Bangalore on Tuesday, Priyanka Gandhi, AICC General Secretary, voiced her criticism against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent controversial remark regarding the Congress potentially confiscating women’s mangalsutras if in power. She emphasized the profound sacrifice symbolized by her mother’s mangalsutra, drawing parallels to Indira Gandhi’s wartime contribution of gold to the nation.

Priyanka Gandhi questioned Modi’s understanding of the cultural and emotional value attached to mangalsutras, citing instances where women had to pawn their jewelry during times of financial hardship. She also scrutinized the Modi government’s handling of critical issues like demonetization and the COVID-19 lockdown, highlighting the adverse effects on women and farmers.

In her address, Priyanka Gandhi challenged Modi to prioritize addressing pressing concerns such as unemployment, inflation, education, and healthcare, urging for a departure from divisive religious rhetoric in election campaigns. She also raised concerns about the suppression of dissent and underscored the importance of defending democratic principles.

Priyanka Gandhi openly called upon Modi to account for his government’s policies and their impact on the lives of ordinary citizens during his tenure.


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