Supreme Court imposes 3 Lakh cost on Sanjive Bhatt by dismissing three petitions filed by Bhatt

The Supreme Court on Tuesday (October 3) imposed a fine of 3 Lakhs on terminated IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt while dismissing the petitions filed by him alleging bias and unfairness against the presiding judge who is holding the trial in the alleged drug planting case against him.

A two-judge bench comprising Justices Vikram Nath and Rajesh Bindal imposed a fine of Rupees One Lakh each on the three petitions filed by Bhatt. The cost has to be deposited to the Gujarat High Court Advocates Welfare Fund.

The bench asked how many times you have approached to the Supreme Court in recent time. At least a dozen times Justice Nath indicated the order passed by the Supreme Court in February, which rejected the challenge to the High Court direction to quicken the trial with a cost of ten thousand Rupees.

However, the bench was not inclined to entertain the matters and proceeded to dismiss them with imposing fine of 3 Lakh. Although the Council appearing for the petitioner requested the bench to omit or reduce the costs, the bench did not agree.

He has been repeatedly approaching the Courts with all best of the lawyers. Of course, he has no dearth of finances. He can do something for the benefit of lawyers” Justice Nath said directing the costs to be deposited with the Gujarat High Court Advocates Welfare Fund, According to Live Law.

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