Halal products favoured around the world for it unmatched standards of cleanliness

According to a top official of the Standards and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries, halal products are favoured by people all around the world, not just Muslims, because of their unmatched standards in areas like cleanliness and healthfulness (SMIIC).

Mahmut Sami Sahin, SMIIC vice president and also the head of the Turkish Standards Institution (TSE), told Anadolu Agency that halal products are becoming more and more popular around the world during the Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s (OIC) Halal Expo and World Halal Summit, which was held in Istanbul, Turkey.

Halal refers to goods and services that adhere to Islamic principles, but Sahin suggested that the phrase should no longer be viewed as strictly religious because it actually involves a lot of international trade.

According to the World Halal Summit Council, the worldwide halal market includes Islamic banking, food, travel, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and textiles. It is estimated to be worth $7 trillion.

Regarding the current expo and summit, he mentioned that a large number of people from all over the world were in attendance because of the growing need for halal products. He described the establishment of the SMIIC in Turkey in 2010 with 13 countries as a crucial step toward addressing this requirement.

He pointed out that the standards were created in accordance with Islamic laws. The SMIIC has so far released around 50 standards, and Türkiye has adopted every single one of them.


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