Assam Chief Minister to Hold Meeting with 150 Muslim intellectuals on family planning norms

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has stated that Muslim community is ready to accept his proposal of adopting family planning norms. 150 Muslim intellectuals will meet the CM on 4 July 2021 to discuss on this issue. He also plans to have intensive discussions with various socio-political organisations representing the community.
“A two-child policy is the only way to eradicate poverty and illiteracy among the state’s Muslim minority”, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said on Tuesday.
He mentioned, “I’m positive that they’ll assist the state government insurance policies that poverty and illiteracy might be eradicated from the Muslim minorities of Assam.”
The chief minister added that he does not think that there would be any resistance to his move. Sarma mentioned that inhabitants’ management has two elements, incentive and disincentive. “Incentive we are discussing and disincentive is like not being able to contest Panchayat elections and not being able to get government jobs.”
His government may even bring in new legislation during the state Assembly’s next budget session in July to enforce it. The law could make only those with up to two children eligible for government jobs and welfare schemes, official sources had indicated earlier.
He mentioned that it’s not correct to affiliate a specific group with cases of rape. “Rape is crime which is done by people of both Hindu and Muslim communities and it is wrong to associate the same with a particular community.”
Sarma had earlier acknowledged, “We are there to support the education of minority women and reduction of poverty. Poverty can be reduced with controlling the population. Population policy is already in place and will come into effect soon. There are two child norms in the Panchayat.”
The proposed move is viewed as targeting the state’s Muslim population of Bangladeshi origin. In the last two assembly polls that the BJP has won, the party has campaigned heavily on the very idea that it has to protect the indigenous communities of Assam against the illegal migrants.

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