BJP government lacks courage to hold polls in J&K: Omar Abdullah

JAMMU: The BJP government at the Centre lacks the courage to hold polls in Jammu and Kashmir and even the parliamentary elections would not be held here had it not been a matter of compulsion, National Conference leader Omar Abdullah has claimed. He stated: “In the Supreme Court, they (BJP-led Central government) said that elections to urban local bodies and panchayats will be held. But there is no notification. The challenges encountered in Kargil (LAHDC-Kargil) polls would extend across Jammu and Kashmir.”

“The last Assembly elections were held in 2014. We have been under the governor’s rule for five years. There have been claims of significant improvements post-2019. If so, why the delay in elections?” Abdullah posed. The NC leader also claimed the reluctance for holding the elections which stems from the BJP’s apprehension about facing the electorate. Abdullah addressed the reporters in Poonch district on Thursday evening and said: “They are well aware of the public’s sentiment. Conducting parliamentary elections is their compulsion. If they weren’t compelled, they wouldn’t even hold a parliamentary election.” He also added: “They shy away from facing the people. There will be no Panchayat, BDC, DDC, urban local body or assembly elections before the parliamentary polls.”

Abdullah also assured the daily wagers working in Jammu and Kashmir that the elections were inevitable and they would be regularised once the NC comes into power. “Rest assured, elections will be held sooner or later. Once the NC government assumes power, we will move towards regularizing the status of daily wagers,” he affirmed. He also alleged that the MP from the state has never really prioritised the welfare of his citizens.

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