Neha Hiremath’s father apologises to Karnataka Govt; demands a fast-track court

Karnataka college murder case is taking different turns with people giving different angles to the case. Karnataka Congress corporator and the victims, Neha’s father Niranjan Hiremath on Tuesday apologised for speaking against the Karnataka government.

He said this after his 23-year-old daughter, Neha, was killed inside her college campus. He also demanded to the state government that a law should be formulated to deal with cases like his daughter’s, and that a “fast-track court should also be named after Neha Hiremath”. “Encounter or hang to death is the only option (for the accused). I have promised my Neha on her grave that I won’t give up,” Niranjan said.

There were various communal allegations that were made after Neha’s death with the Chief Minister Siddaramaiah clarifying that it was purly out of personal reasons and that there was no “love jihad” angle as alleged by the BJP. The CM also said that political leaders were only concerned about politicising the issue instead of actually looking into the matter and providing justice to the victim.

Earlier, Neha’s father Hiremath had claimed his daughter was murdered due to “love jihad”. “If this is not Love Jihad, then what is?” Hiremath had asked. “Incidents of this sort have been happening. I see various cases, and their cruelty is increasing. Why are youngsters going astray? Things have come to a point where I cannot hesitate to say this. Because I know the pain of losing a daughter. I have seen in various cases now, of parents losing children,” the Corporator had said.

While on the other hand, Fayaz’s (suspect) mother refuted Niranjan Hiremath’s claim of an attempt of forced marital religious conversion. She told the media that her son and Neha “were in love”

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