Mamata Banerjee slams PM Modi over his violent communal remarks; labels them as ‘dangerous’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s hate speech in Rajasthan has received backlash from the opposition party on a huge scale. It was just two days after the Prime Minister Modi made the statement in Rajasthan’s Banswara and shortly after Union home minister Shah also made comments in North Dinajpur’s Raiganj district, West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee said she did not even want to repeat what they said, but the statements saddened her.

“The BJP is so anxious, so uncertain of the outcome of these current elections, that they have been issuing dangerous statements. I do not want to repeat what they have been saying, and enhance the divisions,” Mamata said at a gathering at Hansan of Birbhum on Tuesday afternoon. “It makes me sad, the words uttered by the prime minister and the Union home minister. In the days ahead, they will have to pay dearly for these things. One cannot have elections conducted, or uphold humanity, by sowing the seeds of division,” added the Trinamool Congress chief.

On Sunday, Modi had controversially accused the Congress government and said that the Congress manifesto had pledged to confiscate citizens’ assets, including mangalsutras of “mothers and sisters”, and distribute them among Muslims. While the Congress has denied this. Modi had also accused that former prime minister, Manmohan Singh had said that the minorities had the first right over the resources of the nation and implied that Muslims produced more children and were infiltrators.

Such strong words used by the Indian Prime Minister has raised many questions about choosing what type of leader does our nation wants.

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