AI-based camera system detects tigers on prowl, sends alerts in 30 seconds

Nagpur: For the first time, a novel artificial intelligence (AI)-based camera alert system designed to promote coexistence between tigers and humans has been developed in India.

The technology, developed by TrialGuard AI, can detect a tiger on the prowl and send images instantly to a cell phone in 30 seconds round-the-clock.

The major breakthrough in conservation technology was announced on Thursday by the Global Tiger Forum (GTF), National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), Clemson University, and the NGO RESOLVE.

Mohnish Kapoor, head, of program & partnerships, at GTF, said, “It is a real-time technology developed in India where the camera not only clicks the wild animals but also identifies the species of interest”.

Hence, innovative technology promoting coexistence in human-dominated landscapes was necessary, said Mohnish Kapoor.

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