Afghanistan: Women arrested for ‘not wearing hijab properly’

Kabul: The Taliban, who have implemented strict measures after taking the helm of Afghanistan, have arrested women in the capital Kabul for not wearing hijab properly.

In this regard, Abdul Ghaffar Farooq, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Corruption and Justice, released a statement on Thursday and said that women who did not follow the dress code, including wearing hijab, were arrested.

He said that the women were arrested three days ago, but did not give details about how many people were arrested and how they should not wear hijab.

He has sent a voice message to The Associated Press.

Some women are not wearing hijab properly. By that, they have violated Islamic values and practices. It seems that these women have encouraged others to follow the same.

He also said that the matter would be brought to the attention of the judicial authorities by the police and the women will be released on bail under strict conditions.

This harsh new dress code has come as another shock to Afghan women and girls, who have already lost their freedom of movement in public places.

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