Committed to strengthening ties with India: Canadian Prime Minister

Toronto: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said that India is an emerging economic power and Canada is serious about having good relations with that country.

He demanded India’s cooperation with Canada till the facts related to the killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar came out, reported the National Post newspaper there.

Trudeau spoke at a press conference in Montreal about the crisis in India-Canada relations after the killing of pro-Khalistan activist Nijjar.

India’s importance is increasing globally. So it is important for Canada to engage constructively with that country. Just last year, Canada became part of the Indian Ocean- Pacific Strategy. Therefore, we have seriously considered establishing a good relationship with India.

He said that America is with Canada in convincing that country how important India’s cooperation is in verifying the allegations made by the intelligence agencies that Indian agents were involved in the killing Nijjar.

“With all our partner countries, we are taking steps responsibly in accordance with the law. We are doing the same with India”, said Trudeau.

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