Do not hold Pakistan responsible for any action in Afghanistan by Taliban, says Imran Khan

Islamabad: Claiming that Pakistan wants only peace and harmony in Afghanistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan has also made it clear that his country should not be held responsible for any attack in Afghanistan by Taliban forces after the withdrawal American troops from the war-riddled country.  

Addressing media persons of Afghanistan in Islamabad, he said that whatever Taliban doing in Afghanistan, should not be related to Pakistan.

It may be noted that Khan has given the statement after repeatedly asserting that the Pakistan will not accept the responsibility for any violence in the country that could harm the peace process.

On the question, he made it clear that his country will not like Indian intervention in Afghan peace process till India reverts its “illegal decisions of 2019”, referring to Kashmir.

Blaming India for now showing interest in peace between both countries, he claimed that Pakistan always is in favour of peace with India. He blamed RSS for playing spoilsport in bringing peace between the two nations.

Khan said that Afghanistan has two options before it. Either look for a solution given by America or look for political settlement with dialogue. “ The second one is the best solution in favour of the country”, he stated.

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