Sharjah Rain Emergency Committee Update and Helpline Announcement

Sharjah: Municipality of Sharjah has announced a comprehensive plan to mitigate potential flooding and ensure the efficient management of rainwater across the region. Obaid Saeed Al Tunaiji, the municipality’s director-general, spearheaded the initiative, emphasizing the collaborative efforts of various teams and governmental bodies.

Al Tunaiji revealed that the municipality has assembled a dedicated team comprising committee heads, field teams, engineers, supervisors, technicians, and support staff. This formidable workforce is equipped with essential resources, including 450 water tanker trucks, 220 mobile pumps, and dam pumps, poised for swift water extraction operations when needed.

Furthermore, the municipality has proactively addressed drainage concerns by conducting maintenance on drainage outlets ahead of the anticipated rainfall. To enhance rainwater management infrastructure, 70 basins, outfitted with pumping stations, have been strategically constructed. These basins not only serve to prevent flooding but also establish alternative water sources for future utilization.

In a demonstration of unified efforts, the municipality is collaborating closely with other key stakeholders, including Sharjah Police, Sharjah Civil Defence, Roads and Transport Authority, Public Works Department, and other government entities. This coordinated approach ensures synergy in tackling rain-related challenges and optimizing emergency response mechanisms.

Highlighting the accessibility of assistance, the head of the Supreme Rain Emergency Committee emphasized the operation of the emergency call center, reachable at 993. This round-the-clock facility stands ready to receive public comments and reports, facilitating swift responses to emergent situations.

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