Tamil Nadu: The governor left the house without reading the state government’s speech

In Tamil Nadu, the dispute between MK Stalin’s government and Governor RN Ravi has reached a fever pitch, and the Governor has taken the oath of office without reading the state government’s speech.

It is customary for the Governor to address the opening session of the House every year. But Governor RN Ravi rejected the government’s speech without reading it. Even last year, the governor did not read some parts of the DMK government’s speech.

“Requests and suggestions to pay tribute to the National Anthem at the beginning and end of the speech have been repeatedly rejected. There are many parts of this speech that I disagree with on factual and moral grounds. For me to give them my word would constitute constitutional mockery. So about the House, I will conclude my speech. This House wants a healthy debate for the good of the people,” said Governor RN Ravi.

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